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“Whether it’s a perfect pass or out of system, she always wants the ball. It’s kind of rare to have a freshman you can trust in those situations and you give the ball to her in those big moments.” Robinson is doing it while playing an unfamiliar position. A middle blocker her entire career, Robinson was shifted over to the right side to fill the void left by the graduation of Madison Duello. With Rettke and redshirt junior Danielle Hart firmly established at middle, it seemed like a logical move. But that doesn’t make it an easy one. “That’s a whole different skill set,” coach Kelly Sheffield said. “You’re hitting a lot more out of system balls and a lot more high balls and those just aren’t things that middles do.” To help with the transition, Robinson decided to graduate early from Centennial High School in Ankeny, Iowa, and enroll at UW last January and train with the Badgers during the spring. But that plan was sidetracked when the COVID-19 outbreak shut everything down. When she returned in the fall her performance fluctuated and as the players left for Christmas break there was no assurance that Robinson had earned the right side job. “There would be times when she would be like wow,” Sheffield said. “And then there would be times when she was just lost playing over there. “When we came back in January she was just in a really different head space. It was like, all right, it’s go time. You could tell it was really important for her to be out on the court and it was really important for her to play at a high level. Her demeanor just ramped up.” Robinson traces that turnaround to a conversation with Sheffield. “He had told me that I probably wasn’t in a position to start,” she said.

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The Pfizer-BioNTech has a stated efficacy of 95 per cent while the Moderna vaccine clocks in at 94.1 per cent. AstraZeneca say their jab has an efficacy of between 76 per cent and 82 per cent but the European Medicines Agency has stated its efficacy is 60 per cent. The HSE will sit down with any group of workers to discuss vaccine concerns, according to chief executive Paul Reid. Any doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine related only to the lack of data for older people and, from a limited study, to the South African variant, HSE chief clinical officer Dr Colm Henry said. The efficacy of all three vaccines being used was very good, he pointed out. The HSE is working on the assumption that the AstraZeneca vaccine will be approved for 65 to 69 year olds, Dr Henry said. Ultimately, Government will decide on this, based on a recommendation by the National Immunisation Advisory Committee . Covid-19 infections in hospital staff down 90% since rollout of vaccines The unions also said healthcare workers were “raising legitimate concerns that they will not be protected by a vaccine until May/June 2021, as the gap for the AstraZeneca first and second dose is longer than the timeframe for the Pfizer Biontec 21-28 days”. The staff panel letter said that the period where health care workers remained at risk of becoming infected with Covid-19 would be lengthened. Health service trade unions are also seeking that sick leave taken by healthcare workers due to adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccination should be categorised as special leave and should not be deducted from their standard entitlements. The unions said they were aware from engagement with the HSE that “several staff have become unwell and absent from work, directly relating to receipt of the vaccine”. In their letter to the HSE, the unions said a small number of staff had been hospitalised post vaccine dose. On the selection of vaccine, the letter said: “The unions and staff associations are experiencing a significant increase in contact from members in recent days, complaining that the HSE are making available the least efficacious vaccine, namely AstraZeneca to frontline health care workers. “Also, members are pointing out that National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) and the HSE made the decision to utilise Pfizer Biontec for over 65s and in the intervening time the World Health Organisation guidance with regards to same has changed.” “ The legitimate question being raised by health care workers is that they are dissatisfied that that least efficacious vaccine available is being made available to them with only 60 per cent efficacy. As you are aware this is in the context of more than 26 000 health care workers have been infected with Covid-19, which is 12.5 per cent of all infections in the state. Also, it is worth noting that the 26,000 figure is the rate of those detected with Covid-19 and the HSE will be aware of the high levels of asymptomatic infection and spread. Furthermore, the antibody testing process conducted at several acute hospitals have indicated that the number of those infected by Covid-19 exceeds the numbers that have been detected via the PCR testing process.” In the letter which was first reported on Thursday by Industrial Relations News and which has been seen by The Irish Times, the group of unions sought explanations on a number of issues: (1) Can the HSE set out its clinical reasoning why it is making available to health care workers the less effective AstraZeneca vaccine (60 per cent) rather than the other two available vaccines at 94.5 per cent and 95 per cent? (2) Is the HSE and NIAC reviewing its decision considering the amended WHO advice with regards to the use of Pfizer Biontec for over 65s? (3) Is the HSE satisfied that it is compliant with the Biological Agents Directive, implemented since the 24th of November 2020, with regards to ensuring the availability of a vaccine to healthcare workers? (4) What arrangements have the HSE in place to accommodate the requests from health care workers for an alternative vaccine to AstraZeneca?